House of INFO-X Brings 20+ Years of Experience With Our Latest Digital Platform For NVOCC's & Freight Forwarders Features

  • One Unified Platform for FCL/LCL/AIR/FTL/LTL/Drayage
  • Manage Spot and Contract Rates with Carrier
  • Get Access of Latest Vessel Schedule
  • Generate Instant Quotes
  • Connect data to any Software
  • White label customer portal
  • Booking with Carriers
  • Interactive Dashboard
  • Digital Customer Login
  • Track & Trace
  • Rate Analytics
  • Co2 Emission
  • API Connectivity


Customers Speak About Us

Rate Management Simplified is your all-encompassing platform for FCL/LCL/AIR/FTL/LTL services. We provide a unified solution that simplifies and streamlines your logistics operations, offering efficiency and reliability in handling shipments of any size or type.

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Manage Spot and Contract Rates

Effortlessly manage spot and contract rates with carriers through our platform. enables NVOCCs and Freight Forwarders to secure the best rates, maintain profitability, and enhance service offerings to their clients.

Access to the Latest Vessel Schedules

Stay ahead with real-time access to the latest vessel schedules. Our platform ensures you have the information you need to plan and execute shipments efficiently, keeping you informed every step of the way.

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Instant Quote Generation

Generate instant quotes for your clients, providing them with quick and accurate pricing information.'s quoting tool is designed to enhance your responsiveness and competitiveness in the market.

Seamless Software Integration

Connect data effortlessly to any software system with Our platform is designed for easy integration, ensuring that your operational data flows seamlessly across your logistics ecosystem.

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Direct Booking with Carriers

Streamline your booking process with direct, hassle-free booking capabilities with carriers. simplifies this critical task, saving you time and reducing errors for a smoother operational flow.

Interactive Dashboard for Enhanced Visibility

Navigate your operations with an interactive dashboard that provides comprehensive visibility into your logistics activities. This tool empowers NVOCCs and Freight Forwarders to make informed decisions quickly.

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White label customer portal

Offer your clients a digital portal for easy access to their shipments, quotes, and documents.'s digital customer login enhances your service level, providing a user-friendly interface for client interactions.

Advanced Track & Trace Functionality

Ensure your clients are always informed with advanced track and trace capabilities. Our platform offers real-time tracking information, giving peace of mind and enhancing the transparency of the shipment process.

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Rate Analytics for Strategic Planning

Utilize analytics to forecast rate trends and make strategic decisions. provides valuable insights that help you navigate the complexities of rate management in an ever-changing market.

API Connectivity for Enhanced Integration

Leverage our API connectivity for enhanced integration with existing systems and platforms. This feature allows for seamless data exchange, improving efficiency and connectivity across your logistics network.

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