Simplified Rate Management with

Navigate Your Rate Challenges with Precision and Ease

Why is Your Ultimate Rate Management Solution

  • Instantaneous Spot Rate Insight
  • Contract Rate Mastery
  • Versatile Multi-Modal Capabilities
  • Diverse Rate Types Catered for Your Needs

Instantaneous Spot Rate Insight

We redefine speed and precision. With

  • Real-Time Spot Rate Overview: Dive into live spot rates spanning Ocean, Air, and Domestic Trucking seamlessly.
  • Prompt Rate Quotations : Receive rapid quotes tailored for various shipment specifications, be it Door-to-Door (D2D), Door-to-Port (D2P), Port-to-Door (P2D), or Port-to-Port (P2P).
ocean freight rate contract

Contract Rate Mastery

Retain unparalleled control over your contract rates:

  • Centralized Contract Rate Repository: Consolidate and store your contract rates in an organized, singular hub.
  • Customized Rate Handling: Effortlessly manage a spectrum of rate types, spanning from Spot to Contract.
  • Simple Rate Adjustments : Implement rate tweaks and modifications smoothly within our platform.

Versatile Multi-Modal Capabilities

Tailored for a dynamic logistics landscape, is multi-modal:

  • Holistic Rate Management : Seamlessly handle rates irrespective of transport medium - Ocean, Air, or Trucking.
  • Transparent Rate Overview : Always be in the know, whether you're exploring rates for LCL, FCL, or Air consignments.
spot rate ocean freight
instant freight rates

Diverse Rate Types Catered for Your Needs

From D2D to P2P, our platform is versatile:

  • D2D (Door-to-Door) : Navigate rates for direct shipments, from origin to destination.
  • D2P & P2D Configurations: Manage rates efficiently from Door-to-Port and vice versa.
  • P2P (Port-to-Port) : Access and compare rates between different ports with ease.

The Distinctive Edge in Rate Management

Core Features That Set Us Apart

Peak Efficiency

Experience a significant boost in productivity with streamlined processes.

Unified Visibility

Your rates, irrespective of their type or mode, all under one comprehensive umbrella.

Adaptive Flexibility

Our platform evolves as per your bespoke logistics needs.

Unwavering Control

Never lose sight of your contractual rates and their modifications.

Inclusive Multi-Modal Framework

A one-stop solution for all transport mode rates.